About ?m=1

Hi, thanks for build this forum. I wanna ask about permalink from search engine if I am acces from mobile. Blog url ends with “?m=1” so the browser can’t find our post. Please give me best solution. Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay in reply.

You can disable “?m=1” from blogger settings and also stop search engine to find your blog content. That way those URL will not be visible.



Hi I have migrated my blog from Blogger sub-domain to my own domain on WordPress. All the redirections are working except the mobile re-direction. Upon accessing my blog through mobile, its still showing my old blog on Blogger. I have copied code in .htaccess file but its still the same issue. I didn’t disable the mobile template at the time of doing re-directions and now the mobile template option is not showing on my blogger profile. Please tell me how to fix this