About EasyEngine Paid Jobs/Support category

This forum/category is created by requests from some users.


We, rtCamp, the company which manages this forum, the company behind EasyEngine, will not be responsible for anything here. Be it the quality of service data loss, money loss, payment fraud, etc. Yes. It sounds scary.

But if rtCamp gets time, they would move EasyEngine project ahead first! Rather than setting up a marketplace.

How this can be used

As rtCamp is not responsible for anything here, we do not have any rules (except no spam/abuse which apply to the entire forum anyway).

Still, we can offer some suggestions:

Job Poster

  1. Create a separate topic for your requirement.
  2. Be as descriptive as possible but never share passwords, private keys, logins or any sensitive information here. This is a PUBLIC forum. Google can index every post here.
  3. This forum has a direct message support using which you can chat with others. We recommend using it only to get each other contact details and use means such as email to share sensitive information. We haven’t tried it, but I think admins here can read a conversation between any two users! Of course, we do not want to do that but if we get hacked, information shared in direct messages can be compromised.

If all above is fine, you may post a job now at - http://community.easyengine.io/c/easyengine/jobs/

Service Provider

  1. You can set your own payment terms. We are not a middleman. We don’t charge anything to use this forum. We do not process payments on your behalf.
  2. This is more like a tip! There are many unanswered threads here. You may consider helping others to build your credentials.


Discourse, the software uses to power this forum has a very nice notification feature.

You can watch any category for every new topic and replies, and receive email alerts.

Just visit a forum such as Paid Jobs - http://community.easyengine.io/c/easyengine/jobs and click the dropdown menu in top-left for subscription options.


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