8 Million users and Eccomerce... If I created one server, what would the specs need to be?

Lets say I have wordpress site that needs to handle 8 million users a month. It will use woocomerce. I need to be able to handle 3-5% of people actually buying through the checkout. Another 40-50% just adding products to cart but not actually purchasing… How much server space / ram would I need for this?

Capacity planning could be a complex task. Lots of aspects you are missing. For example how many products will the store have and how many images per product? What about local backups? What kind of ecommerce it is? Subscription? Bookings? Tangible products (shipping important)? Virtual products? Do you need redundance and failover? If you didn’t think about these questions you should probably find someone that have experience on the matter.

That depends on what your site does. When caching and something like cloudflare no amount of people should really be an issue but if your site is constantly having to hit the DB for new data because your content it constantly changing or something like that it can require a pretty powerful system.

You can setup a test site with EEv4 and run one of those stress testers on it to see the results. I think the last time I tested I was able to get something like 50k simultaneous connections at one time without any issues (pretty sure per month that is well over 8 million but I am just guessing). Obviously I was only testing on cached pages but like I said that all depends on your content. The typical blog has a ton of old content that can be cached and some new content here and there. For that, you could host with on something as small as one of the $10 servers over at Digital Ocean ($50 referral link) and setup Cloudflare for your CDN.

I had to add a second reply because I have been running some testing on a site I set up with OpenLiteSpeed on Digital Ocean ($50 referral link) and I can honestly say, I can’t really see a need for EE at this point. This site is fast, it has caching built into the LiteSpeed server, it runs WordPress beautifully, I have stress tested it and this server just sleeps when even the EE server has trouble. They even have a pre-built OpenLiteSpeed WordPress image ready to set up that took like 2 min to get the test site up and running.

I did include a referral link because it gives you a $50 credit if you want to test with either EE or the OpenLiteSpeed server.

Thanks for the responses. The Open LiteSpeed server does seems interesting. I need to do a little quick research on that setup. My wordpress site does alot of database stuff. Its constantly changing stuff based on the user; for example, tagging and adding information to a users metadata. Im thinking about using Shopify the handle the transactions part, but I wanted to do all that with woocommerce because I can do more advanced stuff. If I go shopify route, I want to create a user inside wordpress/woocomerce after they purchase using webhooks.

I currently have sites on EEv3, EEv4, and LiteSpeed and I would and plan to move everything over to small LiteSpeed servers as soon as I can. They are insanely quick and can handle plenty of SQL requests, plus the caching is way faster and better than anything EEv4 offers and works really well with WooCommerce, which I use for a few sites.