504 Installation failed plugin/theme - nginx proxy cache

Hi guys, I hope somebody knows a solution for this problem:

I setup a WordPress which it uses Plesk: ‘Nginx proxy cache -> apache -> WordPress -> Redis -> MySQL

Everything looks good but when I’m trying to install a plugin ( plugins > add new ) or theme on WordPress I’m getting Nginx timeout error* I don’t have an idea why Nginx give that error because I’d thought it would only handle incoming requests.

If you have an idea for a solution or you know a better place for this question please give me a feedback.

My Nginx Configuration: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/2a9e2a44c28560a5647ee1ad515051d2

Bro, this forum is intended for EasyEngine users; guessing you’ll find some Plesk person here is a very long shot.

Perhaps you better find help on a Plesk forum? (Just wondering.)

@portofacil Plesk forum is a good idea and I know this forum is for EasyEngine users but the problem isn’t related with Plesk I have WordPress without Nginx cache on the same machine and it doesn’t have any problem. I think it’s a Nginx configuration problem but I don’t have enough experience with Nginx so I just hoped I can find somebody in here who solved this problem before.

Nevertheless, I’ll open a topic at Plesk forum too but I think I have more chance with this forum.

Thanks for the response.

Edit: Also, I opened the same topic on other forums too >


Hı guys, The problem has been solved via WordPress forum: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/504-installation-failed-plugintheme-nginx-proxy-cache/