504 Gateway timeout

I have a site that has been running on easyengine for several months with no issues.

Today, the site became unresponsive. I have rebooted twice but am receiving a “504 Gateway error” when I try to access the site.

The swap IO has been high for the last couple hours. How should I troubleshoot this?

Update: I was able to get the server to serve requests again by rebooting a couple more times.

What logs should I check to find the issue and prevent it in the future?

PHP taking more time to execute, to fix it refer this

can you post output for ee info command.

Nginx (nginx/1.4.1) Information:

Nginx User: www-data
Nginx worker_processes: 4
Nginx worker_connections: 2048
Nginx keepalive_timeout: 20
Nginx fastcgi_read_timeout: 300
Nginx client_max_body_size: 100m
Nginx Allowed IP Address:

PHP (5.5.9-1) Information:

PHP User: www-data
PHP expose_php: Off
PHP post_max_size: 100M
PHP upload_max_filesize: 100M
PHP max_execution_time: 300

PHP ping.path: /ping
PHP pm.status_path: /status
PHP pm.max_requests: 500
PHP pm.max_children: 100
PHP pm.start_servers: 20
PHP pm.min_spare_servers: 10
PHP pm.max_spare_servers: 30
PHP request_terminate_timeout: 300
PHP Fastcgi Listen:

MySQL (5.5.37) Information:

MySQL User: mysql
MySQL port: 3306
MySQL wait_timeout: 28800
MySQL interactive_timeout: 28800
MySQL Max_used_connections: 21/151
MySQL datadir: /var/lib/mysql/
MySQL socket: /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

EasyEngine (ee) Common Locations:

phpMyAdmin: http://example.com/pma
PHP Status: http://example.com/status
Nginx Status: http://example.com/nginx_status
Opcache & Memcache Status: http://example.com/ee/
EasyEngine Log File: /var/log/easyengine/install.log
EasyEngine Configuration File: /etc/easyengine/ee.conf

Server settings seems fine, please monitor the server log by using following command
tail -f /var/www/example.com/logs/*

In this way you can find the code which cause 504 Gateway timeout.

Also optimise MySQL https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/mysql/mysqltuner/

Hello @jbiggs77,

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support ticket for now.

Feel free to create a new support ticket if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: