502 nginx when i create a new website

I installed easyengine on many vps i didn’t get any error. But in this time I get some problems when i install easygine.

And when i create webiste it likes this

It fixed that by this command
ee stack purge --nginx && ee stack install --nginx

I created a website have no error . but when i access to website i got 502 nginx.

So how i can fix that :3

ee stack install --php will probably fix your issue.

root@pbn1:~# ee stack install --php PHP already installed root@pbn1:~#


ee stack purge --php
ee stack install --php
service php5.6-fpm restart

If it does not work, reinstall your server from zero, and don’t run ee stack install. Instead just create your site and EE will download and install all dependencies.

Your first post shows de issue was caused by an error on component “Webgrind”, not essencial for running WordPress sites.