404 errors


Hi there,

I enabled the rtMedia Plugin but when I press the Media link from the user profile, I get the 404 page error.

http://www.sitename.com/members/username/media/ link goes to 404 page. Media in profile is enabled. I used to get “upload button not working” error but after I updated the Kleo theme, the media section is completely gone.

I am using the latest versions of Kleo theme and BP.





Can you please give it a try by re-saving permalink structure? I hope it will resolve that problem. Please read more here http://docs.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/troubleshooting/solve-404-page-not-found-error-media-tab-buddypress/




Ok it worked, thank you!


Glad to know that worked for you. You are welcome @hfinn. We are closing this topic, feel free to create a new topic if you have any other issues or doubts.