404 error on media page on fresh install


Steps to replicate this issue:

  1. Install WP 3.5.2
  2. Install the rtMedia 3.0.3 plugin
  3. Install the BuddyPress plugin
  4. Register a new member
  5. Login and go to website.com/members/username/media

You'll get a 404 page.

Notes that may be helpful: Permalinks are set to "Post name"


This is crazy, after a 15 minute wait and trying again - I no longer get a 404 page.

Issue is resolved, no idea how though as I did nothing to fix the problem. It just started to work.



Glad to know that :slight_smile:
But we never faced this issue while testing the rtMedia with fresh installation of WP/BuddyPress.



Thanks for getting back to me.

This really puzzled me! At least the problem is resolved now. Thanks again