404 error on buddypress profile page

I consistently get a 404 error on the media page for buddypress profiles even after resaving the permalinks. I have also tried disabling all plugins other than buddypress, but I still get a 404 error. I am using the sweetdate theme if this helps. The website is www.altmodelamerica.com... I really need to get this plugin to work, as I would like to buy the pro version but won't do so until I can get the free version working. Please advise on what to do. Thanks.

Also, I cannot leave rtmedia activated since we have a live site and it is removes photo capabilities completely which upsets our users. If we can set up a time, I will give you admin access and put in maintenance mode so you can look.

Hello jessicajean,

Your sites http://altmodelamerica.com/members/username/ is being redirected to http://altmodelamerica.com/username/. May be this might be causing the issue. Can you please let us know how you achieved this redirection? so that we can debug the same at our end.

I had : define ( 'BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES', true ); in my bp-custom.php Once I commented that out it and resaved permalinks it seems to be working. Thank you.

I have one other question about the media menu.. is it possible to rename it portfolio and change it's position? Thanks.

Our end goal is to have free members be able to upload 12 images into one album named Portfolio and have no activity stream photo access and paid members have unlimited access to all rtmedia features. Is this something that would be possible with the pro version?

Ok nevermind, it started giving 404 errors again :o(

For changing the position of the Media tab, please refer this link : https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/reordering-media-tab-buddypress/ . And for renaming the Media menu, refer this link : https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/rtmedia-defined-constants/ . You can change the value of the RTMEDIA_MEDIA_LABEL.

The features you described are currently not available in rtMedia PRO. But there is a feature to restrict the upload file size in rtMedia PRO. You can check out the features of rtMedia PRO over here : https://rtcamp.com/store/rtmedia-pro/

I have given you admin access so you can look into it more.

I tried enabling the root prfoiles using define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES’, true ); and its working fine at our end.

Hmm ok well then that isn't the problem, but still 404 errors either way.

You are saying that altmodelamerica.com is working on your end? All I am getting is 404 errors along with a few other users who are saying they are still getting 404 errors on the media tab.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. By working fine at our end we meant to say that its working fine on our local WP setup, not on your site.