404 Error. Can't redirect static files

Hi There,

I have vps with easy engine running. I am not able to redirect static files.

nginx should pass request to index.php file of wordpress, but its not.

We are getting 404 error for these file.


for these two files we are getting 404 error message of nginx. I want these request should go to wordpress if not found on disk, instead nginx handle them. So I can redirect them from wordpress.

When I was using apache this was working. Not found files request was to wp. nginx not passing these request to wordpress.

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Hi @makarand,

You could solve this issue?

I have a similar problem. I would like to redirect all traffic files that generate error 404 (Not found) or 403 error (Forbidden).

Note: Without analyzing the part of SEO.

For example:

example.com/not-existing-image.jpg -> example.com

example.com/2016/07/not-existing-image.png -> example.com

example.com/css-not-existing.css -> example.com

example.com/subdirectory/css-not-existing.css -> example.com

example.com/php-not-existing.php -> example.com

example.com/subdirectory/php-not-existing.php -> example.com

Redirect those errors to the home with HTTP 200 status.

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