403 Forbidden error in easyengine powered wordpress sites

Hi sir,

how to solve this type of errors recently we are getting many these type of errors in google webmaster tools. https://govtjobsdata.com/.asa

any wordpress site post url follwed by . (Dot) causing 403 forbidden error. how to solve this issue. and make it redirect or remove that dot and show exact url.

Why would a blog have posts with slugs like .asa?

The initial dot in file or folder names in Linux is reserved for hidden objects in filesystem. EE wisely prevents any hidden files or folders to be published on the web.

In order to change this behavior one should edit core EE/Nginx configuration files (/etc/nginx/common/locations*.conf, I guess). But this is strongly not advised.

We got external links to our site pages like this url followed by dot(.)followed by some words like this http://www.abc.com/.asdsa+asdsa+Aasa so causing 404 errors. How to solve it. so make it to redirect to home or someother without showing some 403 Forbidden error