401 Authorization Required nginx

hi, today on my google web master tool console ( crawl-errors ) i found a block for url with this response “401”, when try to load the url (single post of wordpress ) i see a message that require me to insert username and password , then if reject the response of server is this:

============ 401 Authorization Required


this website is hosted on a unmanaged vps , and is managed by me , the configuration of ee when i have installed wordpress is “–wpfc”

never configuration file having changed so what can I check to solve this problem ?


Change the URL for this post.

If you at least told us what URL it is, we could try to think on a better suggestion.

after some test i have found the cause of this problem:

When you create a new post with permalinks that contain the word “ping” This problem occurs;

an example can be mydomain.com/ping/ or mydomain.com/ping-pong/

so i think this is a bug of easyengine , i tried on 2 different server with easyengine and the problem are same.

Yes, /ping, /status, are reserved words for EasyEngine.

That’s why I suggested you changing your post URL (permalink).

if what you say is true why even “mydomain.com/ping-pong/” does not work? there is some configuration problem ? every link that contain “ping” on initial or on the end not work ?

It does not seem normal

Buggy or not, we have to live with this behavior, at least until version 4.0 comes out.

And yes, it’s buggy, of course.

This is a bug :expressionless:

EE should not have prevented use of word such as ping and status in URLs.

We will see how quickly we can fix that. For now, you can edit these words in the line:

location ~ ^/(status|ping) {

In files:


Please reload nginx after changes using

nginx -t && service nginx reload
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thanks for quick fix :slight_smile: