301 redirect doubts

Hi Rahul,

Copy pasting comment from devilsworkshop guide:

Thanks for the excellent guide. Your support through comments section is great.

I have moved the blogspot.com domain to custom domain. Would you advise to wait 2,3 months until the major search engines update their index to the custom domain? If I move to WordPress immediately after moving to custom domain will the link juice be still passed?

I checked the redirect using


and it shows 301 redirect. So, thought that even if the indexes haven’t been updated, blogspot will continue to serve this 301 redirect even if I move to WP.

But following your guide, if I end up changing immediately to classic template / using redirection plugin, I think this automatic 301 redirect message from Blogger will be removed.

So, what's the best way to proceed?

I am surprised to hear that you have seen 301 redirect.
As in comments thread on same post, it has been cleared that redirects were 302, in past atleast.

Also, 301 redirect is also turning out to be a gamble these days. So I advise to follow my “long-wait” tip for blogs who has pagerank 4 or above.