2 sites with easyengine v3 having insane data utilisation

I have 2 sites on 2 different server and both are running on ee v3. Just checked today and both server have insane 9000gb of data transfered. I think someone has found some bug in v3 and is using my server for DDOS or something.
Even i am unable to update the server to ee4 as i get error
1gb-nyc3-01:~# wget -O migrate.sh https://rt.cx/ee3to4 && chmod +x migrate.sh
-bash: /usr/bin/wget: Permission denied

Someone plz help me solve this issue/

there is no bug in EEv3, don’t be silly.

check your access logs, analyze them, and find out what is consuming your bandwidth.

if you can’t do it by yourself perhaps you’d better move to plesk, cpanel or another commercial web stack.