2.08 upgrade breaks my site

I have been running rt panel 2.06 with a custom child theme. No modifications have been made to the 2.06 RTPanel parent theme. I just upgraded to 2.08, and it broke the site and my css in a few ways.

Here is a screen shot of the broken theme: broken screenshot And here is the working screenshot (also available on the site itself) working screenshot

Three things are noticeable right away, the tagline is being DUPLICATED and slightly offset, the widget headlines are incorrect fonts, and the menu is screwed up (the width is off creating a second line, and there is a top border on the first item)

I deleted the 2.08 theme and re-installed 2.06 from the original archive, and the site returns to perfect working order.

Do you guys have any ideas why these things would be happening? I thought the whole idea of the parent/child thing was to prevent this type of trouble?

It seems like you changed the structure of how the menu was built. I managed to fix my custom css for the menu and also make changes for the the widgets, but I had to remove the code which displayed the blog description from my custom header.php . I am not sure why it would be displaying it twice. It’s pretty strange.

My header.php should be replacing the entirety of the main theme header file, No??

Thanks for pointing out an issue. We are looking into it, and get back with solution.

Hi phpadam,
We have changed the styling/structure of the menu a bit in 2.0.8 as there was a lot of overriding required before ( Menu is less js dependent now ). From what I can see is you’ll have to adjust the border and padding of your menu for resolving that.

Regarding the blog description, we have wrapped it in a ‘rtp_hook_after_logo’ hook for more control over its usage. If the placement for blog description is not as you would like it for your child theme then you could remove the ‘rtp_blog_description’ hook called on ‘rtp_hook_after_logo’ and add your own.