$_Get Param Breaks Uploader

I have a front end form where I would like to use the uploader to attach images to a post after it has been created. The form works well and the uploader work as long as there is no param in the URL for example “?frm_action=edit” .

I can plugin the Post ID into the following code and it does attach to the post - just can not get the uploader to work if there is ANY param in the URL. The param doesn’t have anything to do with the uploader for it to break it.

echo RTMediaUploadShortcode::pre_render(array('context' => 'custom_type', 'context_id' => $my_id)); echo RTMediaGalleryShortcode::render(array('context' => 'custom_type', 'context_id' => $my_id) );

Hi @Kristopherk,

Is there any Javascript or server error you are facing?