One touch, complete, offsite, set-it-and-forget-it backup solution


I’m getting following mails from cron:

Cronic detected failure or error output for the command: bash /root/openspace42/raptor/tools/raptor-backup


ERROR OUTPUT: /root/openspace42/dna/functions/backup_restore: line 115: [: Дост: integer expression expected


I’ve just tried installing on 18.04, and the setup script fails with:

“E: package ‘zoo’ has no installation candidate.”

Unfortunately there doesn’t look to be any release for zoo for 18.04…


Hi all. Sorry for the extremely late replies.

I’m now updating raptor for v4 and have a fully working and output-identical version of raptor working that fetches data from inside the docker containers and actually can be used to backup a v3 instance and fully re-deploy it on a v4 instance without ever touching the first one [because let’s face it, it will always be way too risky to attempt a v3 to v4 upgrade without a fully working backup, which is what we do best, so why not just migrate everything to a new machine to test everything out before touching anything that’s still live and online?]

I’m now working on the restore aspect and should be done within a week.

Do NOT test this out on a production machine yet, and not on an EEv3 instance as it won’t work right now.

If you have any issues to submit please use github [].

@Roman_Morenetc_Romap could you open an issue about the subdomains please? I’ll look into that asap by using an actual array instead of a single string of exclusions.

@JeffHalford I really have no idea where the zoo package was coming out of, I’ll let you know when the new version is safe to try to see if this is still happening to you.

@terencemilbourn check your email, I’ve finally replied ;]

Thanks to all!


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