Javascript issue in activity stream after open an image in the lightbox

Hi, I’ve checked my other plugin, it’s not a plugin conflict issue. In my chrome console, after opening an image in the lightbox, i get this error : `Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘el’ of undefined rtMedia.js?ver=3.7.13:47

jQuery.magnificPopup.callbacks.ajaxContentAdded rtMedia.js?ver=3.7.13:47_mfpTrigger magnific.js?ver=3.7.13:75$.extend.success magnific.js?ver=3.7.13:1110fire jquery.js:3119self.fireWith jquery.js:3231done jquery.js:9275callback jquery.js:9685` 

i can close the lightbox but then (for example) my bootstrap navbar dropdown doesn’t work anymore ;-(

thanks for your help

Hi @mecanographik,

We have tested it on our side and it is working fine on demo site .

Please check it with WordPress default theme once. If you still face any issue let us know.

Thanks for your message. Yes it’s a theme issue.
My theme is build on the bootstrap3 starter theme and i can’t figure out what is wrong with my theme. i think it’s a DOM issue. It’s definitively linked with magnific.js jQuery plugin and my bootstrap theme… The weird thing is that the lightbox is nested in one of my div container. see my screenshot for example … (your upload form doesn’t work)…

Hi @mecanographik,

You can try applying this solution ->

Thanks for this solution but it didn’t change anything in my case. I’ve try the rtMedia plugin with a fresh roots install and i had the same issue. is one the best wordpress starter theme to build professionnal and lightspeed website and rtMedia’s lightbox option doesn’t work correctly with it and cause Javascript issues when you trigger the lightbox… so please help me, maybe try installing a fresh version of the latest roots theme and see what’s going on… Thanks for your help anyway :wink:

Hi @mecanographik,

We have figured out solution for roots theme to work with rtMedia light-box. You need to make some modifications in base.php file of theme.

Following link will describe the changes :

wow that sounds great, i check it out, thanks for your great support !

Hi, It works! Thanks again for your support. i have share this patch on the roots forum

I still encounter an issue with the lightbox previous and next media function which doesn’t work:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'el' of undefined 

when loading the lightbox

Do you encounter the same issue and your roots install?


Hi @mecanographik ,

Hope you are doing well.

We are looking in this issue and might be fixed in future release if possible.

You can also contact your theme developers for this issue.

Thank you.