How to setup cronjob for SSL Auto renew

How to setuo cronjob for auto ssl renew of letsencrypt.

$ ee cron site ssl-renew --command='wp cron event run --due-now' --schedule='@weekly'

Is it correct command to implement ssl renew

As I can see, you want that your SSL automatically renew, right?
I don’t understand nothing of cronjob, but I think that using Cerbot could be more useful.
Follow this post:

@vijayp4you Check out my answer here SSL doesnt update

As a side note, when you see the word ‘host’ in that cron command, that is literally the name you use in the command. Let me know if that works for you.

And as the other post also implies, if the SSL has expired, you will need to delete/rename the cert files and regenerate them first.