How to make iphone video play in activity feed

Does rtmedia require FFmpeg to play iphone video?

Hi @Mynooga,

You are correct, rtMedia does require either FFMPEG or Transcoder to play videos uploaded from an iPhone.

FFMPEG requires you to rent a media server and set it up properly. It is a completely “private” set up as both the servers are owned by you.

Transcoder only requires you to install a plugin and get a subscription. Your videos will be transferred to our servers, transcoded, and sent back. We take privacy very seriously.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Joel Abreo

I am using the transcoder. When I upload a video taken with the iphone (.mov) it will not play in the activity feed. I can click edit and play it from there, choose the thumbnail, rename, listen to it, watch it and save it. But when i go to the activity stream and hit play it locks up the whole website. I have set up a test account so that you can see what I am talking about but I dont think anyone there has even looked at it. Grab an iphone and see for yourself if you dont believe me. Or you can log on from any computer and watch my site lock up when you hit play. Your tech’s keep saying its the server but are offering no clues on what I should adjust. I think your software is GREAT!! I am just trying to make it operational with the iphone videos. Can you PLEASE log on to this account and just see what I am talking about? user: test pw: 123456

I had the hosting company turn the firewall off briefly and it is still not working, so it’s not the firewall.

Hi @Mynooga,

Please check that the following parameters are set to ON on your server:


We suspect that this is what is causing the your issue. You can edit your php.ini file and change their values. After restarting your service (Apache / NGINX), let us know if the issue gets resolved.

Awaiting your response!


VICTORY!!! It works now. I just needed a push in the right direction. Thank you for your help and please forgive my impatience - I am way behind on this job and it was getting scary. Thank you again!


Hello @Mynooga,

Glad to hear that!

Please feel free to use this forum if you require any assistance in the future.


Joel Abreo