Enable php intl v4

i`ve installed EE v4 and I need to enable php-intl. I used
image, i reloaded nginx, but the module is not enabled.

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same issue with me. Need to enable php7.3-intl

please help

You need to bash at container level

  1. Find container id first: using docker container ls
  2. Login to docker (php one) as a root using the command:
    docker exec -it -u root (container id) bash.
  3. Install extensions using the command docker-php-ext-install intl or equivalent.
    While installing php extension, again make sure that you are logged into php docker (and not nginx or postfix).
  4. exit back from container.
  5. Make sure to run the command like, to make things effective:
    docker restart (container id) && ee site restart (domain) && ee site clean (domain)

Hope this helps.

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Simplesmente PERFEITO!!! Deu muito certo aqui em uma instalação do Mautic.
Sugiro inserir palavras chave nesse tópico para relacionar a pesquisas sobre como instalar intl para o mautic.

Muito obrigado mesmo!!!

Simply perfect!!! It went very well here at a Mautic facility.
I suggest inserting keywords in this topic to relate to searches on how to install intl for mautic.

Thank you very much!!!

Ola, vc conseguiu instalar o Mautic na versao 4 do easyengine? eu consegui tambem, porem fiquei agarrado nas crons, acho que estou fazendo algo errado, pois nao esta disparando email, vc saberia informar como faria para colocar essas crons? agradeço. ou se tem algo a mais que possa ser feito,