Elementor and Redis Cache

Not even sure how to setup memcache in EEv4. Also, I am not familiar with a lite-speed server. Can you expand a bit?

I think I was avoiding litespeed because it would’ve been a step to unknown. I was afraid of that like it is too complicated.
Litespeed on itself doesn’t require anything more than ee. You even get the GUI out of the box. Everything is incredibly simple. It’s the first time I don’t have to worry about server security, performance and maintenance.
I went a step further and use Cyberpanel, a native c-panel for LS which makes things even more easy.
Google has the whole image ready to deploy with a click.
Try it.

So you can install EE on Litespeed? I guess I am confused. When I look up Litespeed I see it is like an alternative to Apache. EE uses Nginx right? So I guess I am a little lost by what you mean, if you install EE on a server with Litespeed installed it will see that and use it instead of Nginx or something?

Okay wow… I just setup a test site with OpenLiteSpeed on Digital Ocean ($50 referral link) and I am honestly super impressed. I stress tested the site and the server just slept the entire time! I honestly don’t see a need for EE if I have this. I hate to run off from the EE community but man this system is fast, just works, and is all ready setup and ready to use! Thank you for the heads up!

Hey, I’m glad it helped.

:slight_smile: no, you can’t install ee on LS of course, what I meant was that the requirements to set it up are not complicated, as with the ee are not. :slight_smile:

Also, everything is just like you noticed it - It just works.

If, however, you decide to use Cyberpanel, you can easily setup the server security just by turning the CSF ‘on’, and then turn ModSecurity rules package by Comodo to ‘on’ as well… and what you get is a system where wordpress apps do not recquire any security plugin installed. CSF and comodo rulset will keep every single app safe all the way.

You will never have to worry about security, performance and maintenance.

All you have to do is, to setup automatic security updates for ubuntu, and rarely update the Cyberpanel, if even needed.
There are logs for just about anything. You can set and edit any php version per app.
You can setup and sell accounts.
For Cyberpanel you can in 3 simple commands install and put to work LS version of memcached. Works like a charm.