Elementor and Redis Cache

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You probably know that there is Centminmod, but I’d avoid that. I realized I need something light, better, easy to use, stable. I don’t like other self hosted hosting panels, not even cPanel. But when I realized CyberPanel has small footprint, and you can with a click turn off services that you don’t use, and gives you everything that a Serverpilot has, and a lot more, I jumped and tested everything.
It should take a day or two to test things out.
If you install it powered by OpenLiteSpeed then there are NO RESTRICTIONS, unless you go for Enterprise, which is free for 1 site on a server with not more than 2 gb ram. Which is fine. But you get premium support for free ;).
I use with OpenLiteSpeed, no restrictions and it is amazing.
It was a breeze to install memcached and put it to work.

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Problem with those kind of panels is that there’s no isolations between sites so if one site is compromised then the whole server is infected.

EE is a pain to run your hosting business on. If I ever get a customer who wants me to manage his website, I’ll put everything on Serverpilot.

Cyberpanel is very good for personal projects. But if you have clients, then it is not a big deal to get their premium plan which is cheaper than a meal at McDonald’s.

EE is a pain but not plain old Docker. If, for whatever reason, Docker went poof then I’d be using CloudLinux OS.

Newbie here. How you clear redis cache from command line?

ee site clean

ee site clean example.com --object
replace “example.com” with your domain.

A bit more details on this here:

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Seems pretty lame that they do away with the other cache options and the only one they offer is broken and it has been months and still no fix? I love explaining to my boss why I have to flush the cache at the server lvl each time a change is made to areas of the site. =/

Don’t get me wrong, EE is the best option I have found thus far but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without major bugs and silence from the team working on it. Just sucks.

Imo, It’s Elementor and Redis Issue. I would like to say You should check the compatibility between Elementor vs Redis.

Also, elementor is fully compatible with wp rocket, so maybe You can try wp rocket and try to enable redis if You still need it.

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Yes, it should be about Elementor compatibility not related with EE

A quick search online will show you that Redis doesn’t play well with a lot of plugins, including Elementor. Not because of Elementor, but because Redis doesn’t notice the chances and never clears the cache correctly. Which would be fine… if Redis actually cleared when you used the flush option on the site… which also doesn’t work because the EE team missed that too I guess.

It has to do with Redis and its issues with many plugins, including Elementor. This is a Redis issue because it isn’t clearing the cache correctly when plugins like Elementor update the database. I never indicated it was an issue with EE. The issue with EE is that the Redis plugin doesn’t communicate back to Redis correctly so the flush option for Redis cache doesn’t work.

Have you tried to exclude the elementor from Redis? Look in to WP_REDIS_IGNORED_GROUPS

I haven’t, how would that help? Wouldn’t that be counter productive? Elementor makes up all the page structure and theme design, shouldn’t that be cached?

It’s far too much work/research and time to invest to such thing as ‘‘ignored groups’’ than it’s worth, with probably even more problems, an ongoing hole without bottom. Heck, I don’t even know what that is or where to begin, especially which way to do it.
I would need a 1. 2. 3. 4… guide for dummies.
I tell you, switch to Memcached if you need object caching. It was great in ee v3.
Or even better go to Lite-speed server - everything is integrated and works out of the box. There’s even a native plugin made for WordPress by the litespeed people :slight_smile:
Soon I’ll ditch ee completely.

Not even sure how to setup memcache in EEv4. Also, I am not familiar with a lite-speed server. Can you expand a bit?

I think I was avoiding litespeed because it would’ve been a step to unknown. I was afraid of that like it is too complicated.
Litespeed on itself doesn’t require anything more than ee. You even get the GUI out of the box. Everything is incredibly simple. It’s the first time I don’t have to worry about server security, performance and maintenance.
I went a step further and use Cyberpanel, a native c-panel for LS which makes things even more easy.
Google has the whole image ready to deploy with a click.
Try it.

So you can install EE on Litespeed? I guess I am confused. When I look up Litespeed I see it is like an alternative to Apache. EE uses Nginx right? So I guess I am a little lost by what you mean, if you install EE on a server with Litespeed installed it will see that and use it instead of Nginx or something?

Okay wow… I just setup a test site with OpenLiteSpeed on Digital Ocean ($50 referral link) and I am honestly super impressed. I stress tested the site and the server just slept the entire time! I honestly don’t see a need for EE if I have this. I hate to run off from the EE community but man this system is fast, just works, and is all ready setup and ready to use! Thank you for the heads up!

Hey, I’m glad it helped.

:slight_smile: no, you can’t install ee on LS of course, what I meant was that the requirements to set it up are not complicated, as with the ee are not. :slight_smile:

Also, everything is just like you noticed it - It just works.

If, however, you decide to use Cyberpanel, you can easily setup the server security just by turning the CSF ‘on’, and then turn ModSecurity rules package by Comodo to ‘on’ as well… and what you get is a system where wordpress apps do not recquire any security plugin installed. CSF and comodo rulset will keep every single app safe all the way.

You will never have to worry about security, performance and maintenance.

All you have to do is, to setup automatic security updates for ubuntu, and rarely update the Cyberpanel, if even needed.
There are logs for just about anything. You can set and edit any php version per app.
You can setup and sell accounts.
For Cyberpanel you can in 3 simple commands install and put to work LS version of memcached. Works like a charm.