Elementor and Redis Cache

I have had some issues with Redis cache since v3 and now on v4. First, the purge option never seems to work. I have 40+ sites running on EEv3 and EEv4 collectively and they all seem to suffer the same issues. Often times I have to go into the server and run the clean command to see the changes I have been making to the site, pages, or posts. This issue seems to be much more prevalent when using page builders like Elementor, SiteOrigins, and Beaver Builder.

I have to assume others have been experiencing similar problems. I mean with 40+ sites all having the same issue this has gotten to be an issue and not just how the system works. Right? Anyone have any suggestions?

It is not the ee, it is Redis in general.
It just doesn’t play well with WP in many situations.

But you are right that PURGE option is not working correctly. My Redis cache was never cleared by the plugin. I always have to clear it from the command line.

Memcached works perfectly.

Oh, and, I use Redis on Serverpilot, just different plugin. Purge works, but the issues are the same as in ee.

Well it just seems dumb to use Redis for caching if it has issues with WP! Why are they dropping the ball so hard with EEv4. I have been an avid fan for a long time but making EEv4 have redis as the only caching option… and that option doesn’t work well is Wordpress makes EEv4 pretty much unusable. WordOps is looking more and more like the better option.

I was very sad when I realized they only have redis in v4. I tried wordops but it did not work for me. Their change-log from the beginning is not transparent, and I have no idea what they fixed or upgraded after the last ee v3 release. I tried to find out, but I was literally dragging information out of wordops guys. Whenever I tried to get information about something, their answers were so vague, I had to ask the same thing over and over. I got tired of it. + Installation did not even pass the first server.
Fk it. Detailed changelog is what they need, because ee v3 had bunch of problems.

Also, their support (wordops) for Memcached was dropped because they said they don’t trust the plugin W3TC, because of some bug which actually got fixed years ago.
After a while, they announced they are going commercial.
There are far better options out there than wordops. Heck, the ee v4 is great, only Redis was a mistake to stay as the only object cache option.

Noted, hopefully they start making some changes to EEv4 so I don’t need to find an alternative. What do you recommend that is similar to EEv4?

Have fun. :wink:

You probably know that there is Centminmod, but I’d avoid that. I realized I need something light, better, easy to use, stable. I don’t like other self hosted hosting panels, not even cPanel. But when I realized CyberPanel has small footprint, and you can with a click turn off services that you don’t use, and gives you everything that a Serverpilot has, and a lot more, I jumped and tested everything.
It should take a day or two to test things out.
If you install it powered by OpenLiteSpeed then there are NO RESTRICTIONS, unless you go for Enterprise, which is free for 1 site on a server with not more than 2 gb ram. Which is fine. But you get premium support for free ;).
I use with OpenLiteSpeed, no restrictions and it is amazing.
It was a breeze to install memcached and put it to work.

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Problem with those kind of panels is that there’s no isolations between sites so if one site is compromised then the whole server is infected.

EE is a pain to run your hosting business on. If I ever get a customer who wants me to manage his website, I’ll put everything on Serverpilot.

Cyberpanel is very good for personal projects. But if you have clients, then it is not a big deal to get their premium plan which is cheaper than a meal at McDonald’s.

EE is a pain but not plain old Docker. If, for whatever reason, Docker went poof then I’d be using CloudLinux OS.

Newbie here. How you clear redis cache from command line?

ee site clean

ee site clean example.com --object
replace “example.com” with your domain.

A bit more details on this here:

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Seems pretty lame that they do away with the other cache options and the only one they offer is broken and it has been months and still no fix? I love explaining to my boss why I have to flush the cache at the server lvl each time a change is made to areas of the site. =/

Don’t get me wrong, EE is the best option I have found thus far but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without major bugs and silence from the team working on it. Just sucks.

Imo, It’s Elementor and Redis Issue. I would like to say You should check the compatibility between Elementor vs Redis.

Also, elementor is fully compatible with wp rocket, so maybe You can try wp rocket and try to enable redis if You still need it.

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Yes, it should be about Elementor compatibility not related with EE