EE has Nginx compiled with SPDY?

A simple check with shows that my site is not SPDY supported. That means, Nginx included in EE is not compiled with SPDY module.

How can I do this on an existing site?


Why would you want SPDY if you can run your sites under http/2?


@eetry – Yeah, why use SPDY when HTTP/2 is available? If you need help getting EasyEngine setup with HTTP/2 support you can check out my post.

@portofacil and @brianjking Thank you very much for your reply.

Why I considered SPDY when there’s HTTP/2 is because of this article:

But it’s only yesterday did I notice/read that SPDY is an experimental feature and is now almost deprecated. So that’s all cleared now.

All these attempts were made while trying to reduce the load time (of HTTPS). Tried and compared my site with a few others. Their time-to-first-byte are way superior to mine.

Setup an HTML website with http/2 in your server and compare its TTFB with the results from the WP site.

If the numbers are exactly the same your server might be in a slow network. If WP site is much slower than static one, your issue is on WordPress. I’d try a fast cache engine, like WPREDIS.