EasyEngine v3.7.4 does not work properly, does not install wordpress, does not install mysql site

EasyEngine v3.7.4 does not work properly, does not install wordpress, does not install mysql site.

Take a look at the forum history. Don’t be lazy, for God’s sake!

Perhaps for a solution is not clear and much less objective. I think if they could write topics that reliably comprehensive solution several factors of the cause would prevent. The topics do not speak of the cause and comprehensive solution solution.

What to do is to be different.

Can you help me, and add the link that talks about solving this problem with easyegine, wordpress mysql, I will thank you very much, because I did not find something that solved my problem efficiently. Thank you.

Here is my preferred solution.

After several attempts, I researched a lot and managed to take a step to solve my problem, ubunto server 14.04 / EasyEngine v3.7.4 root@ubuntu:~# sudo su root@ubuntu:~# wp cli update --allow-root root@ubuntu:~# ee update root@ubuntu:~# ee stack purge root@ubuntu:~# ee stack install

I’m working with the following system versions, the above solution worked for me. ***Ubuntu Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS Release: 14.04 Codename: trusty

***EasyEngine EasyEngine v3.7.4 Copyright © 2016 rtCamp Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Thank You Man!!!


Thanks for your kind message to our team.

Please do us a favor and stop using EasyEngine.

By the way, we did not release any new version. The issue is on WordPress’ end itself.

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EasyEngine team, 1000 excuses for my behavior, the truth is that it is not like a search, and it is spoken in what I see in my head, I am sad about my behavior, it was not cool of me to act like this, after a tense day resolving several problems on my server and no solution, so I did what I did, 1000 apologies for my behavior.

I apologize to all the essays that are here somehow bothered with my words.

What is complicated, I find it difficult to do this, because the platform has brought good results and I am grateful for everything.

Again, apologies to all members.