Delete SSL, disable SSL

Suggestion, a major one. Give options to delete ssl so we can add new ssl if something goes wrong with renewal.
ee site --ssl=delete ???

I have expired ssl, two, and I can’t renew them or do anything useful, but recreate and migrate my sites. What a drag.

Try this command. For me it worked when I was unable to renew my Let’s Encrypt SSL.

ee site ssl-renew --all


ee site ssl-renew --force

Nothing worked since I tried everything.

try to update EE to latest version:

ee cli update

I always do that first. It did work on the version before, but different server.
The latest version is faulty.

Same issue. How do I delete a certificate?

You literally have to go to the folder /var/lib/docker/volumes/global-nginx-proxy_certs/_data and delete (or rename) the files. They will be named yourdomain.chain.pem, yourdomain.crt, and yourdomain.key. If you have more than one site, don’t touch the ones that are working.

If you delete (or rename) those, the renew (or disable/enable) will work again.

The fix (for rtcamp) as far as I can see is to configure nginx to allow letsencrypt access the /.well-known/acme-challenge/ url on port 80 without redirecting to https. Then it will renew even when it has expired.

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@mikelittle thanks a lot. Its worked.

Try to make this:

  1. Switch to the root user

su -

  1. Go to

cd /etc/letsencrypt/renewal

  1. Long list files


  1. Use cat command or another one to view the contents of this specific file:


  1. Search the section [[webroot_map]] at the end of the file. If missing add it this way:

[[webroot_map]] = /var/www/ = /var/www/

That should solve renew issues with letsencrypt.

Thank you. Your answer can solve the same problem I also found in my site.