Bug: Max Upload Size doesn't change

After changing the values in:

'/opt/easyengine/sites/example.com/config/php/php/conf.d/custom.ini ’

and doing ‘ee site restart example.com’ (and also ‘ee site restart --php example.com’)

… the max value seems changed in the site, but when uploading, it still gets stuck at 100MB.

What’s wrong here? Any workaround?

Did you remember to change the post_max_size as well? Generally you want them the same or the post_max_size to be slightly larger.

upload_max_filesize = 100M
post_max_size = 100M

See PHP Max Upload Size : 100 MB for other variables that can affect uploads such as max_memory and max_execution.

Yes, yes… I changed both… Doesn’t seem to work. Also upped the max_execution_time=900 and max_memory_limit=2048M to see if the problem was there, but it’s still not working.

In fact (in case you want to re-produce) I’m trying to use the “All-in-one WP Migration” plugin with a site that’s >100M in size, on a fresh site created with --wpredis --letsencrypt

(I know there is a plugin to ‘raise’ the limit to 512M by making chunks, but some of our sites are very close to that limit)

Older versions of “WP Migration” could transfer large files as you need them.
See and download a 2016 version, for example