502 Error - sudden

BTW, earlier :22222 was working but now that is giving 504 error as help. Please help! :frowning:

You’re not gonna believe this, but getting default nginx page when trying to open thetechportal.com :o

@Mohit_Madan You can verify/recheck the document root specified in nginx configuration is right. Also put a sample text file and php file with phpinfo(); under document root and try calling them from browser.

Also I could see that you are using cloudflare, please specify you server IP & domain name in hosts file of you machine and test :neutral_face:

thetechportal.com/textfile.txt thetechportal.com/info.php

and if this is giving 404, check tail -f /var/log/nginx/thetechportal.com.error.log for finding the root cause.

@antopjoseph Tried that, getting a 404 and nothing on the error log file regarding it. I think we were very close when the system was still listening to port 9070. :confused:


I have verified the nginx configuration and the document folder is specified correctly, in my 2nd last post I have pasted the config file as well.

Please advice.